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Toyota releases electric bike capable of carrying up to 3 passengers or 100 kg of cargo


Toyota Mobility has announced a new electric bike capable of carrying up to 3 passengers or 100kg of cargo. Designed in collaboration with French manufacturer Douze Cycles, the bike can be used for both leisure and work.

The bike has 250 W motor and 500 W battery, average range up to 100 km.. The overall autonomy and mileage is affected by the amount of cargo carried by the user. The central part of the structure can be equipped with a cargo compartment, or a seat for transporting passengers. The seat is designed for three children or one adult and is equipped with a seat belt for peace of mind while out and about.

Ride and work with an electric bike

Toyota is investing in the electric vehicle segment, and in addition to automobiles, it is also looking for solutions for passenger cars and urban work. Despite the curious design in the center, the bike has versatility and can adapt to the needs of the user.

An electric bike can be used for shopping, taking children to school or for a walk. It is also possible to use it during work, or when delivering food or other products. With the ability to carry up to 100 kg of cargo and good autonomy, the user can invest in a bike to transport their work materials and not depend on a car or public transport if the city has good conditions for moving bikes.

price and availability

The electric bike was announced last year and will hit the market from September 2023, according to Toyota. the companies did not say what the price of the e-bike will be.

While a regular e-bike can cost an average of BRL 5,000 as far as it goes, an electric bike from Toyota Mobility and Douze Cycles should be much more expensive. In addition, the companies did not say in which markets the product will be available from September, and it may not eventually arrive in Brazil.

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Initially, the car will only be available in China.

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