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Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony may not attend E3 this year: Event may also be canceled this year

E3, one of the 3 biggest events in the gaming world, was held regularly almost every year and almost all the game studios and companies took the stage at this event and presented their new games and projects to the players. In recent months it has been announced that the event, which has been held online for the past 4 years due to the pandemic, will finally be held face-to-face this year.

On the other hand, a claim made today has left the world confused. Reportedly, Xbox, Nintendo and Sony, seen as the stars of E3, may not be attending this year’s event.

Xbox head also issued a statement confirming the claims

Considered the giants of the gaming world, Xbox, Nintendo and Sony were not known as the must-sees of the event, hosting the most popular presentations from E3 each year. So much so that in 2020 these 3 brands again Due to Covid-19 announced that he would not participate in the event and therefore E3 2020 has been cancelled. Information sent by IGN According to this, Xbox, Nintendo and Sony will not be present at E3 2023, which will take place face-to-face this year.

IGN collects the claims from many sources close to the companies and compiles the companies’ event calendars Due to conflict with E3 He claimed that they will not attend the E3 event and will promote their games in their own presentations. On the other hand, Xbox head Phil Spencer spoke in an interview with IGN about his concerns that E3 could almost coincide with the Xbox launch. Likewise, since this period may coincide with the presentations of Sony and Nintendo, the brands May prefer to present at their own events rather than E3.

The event was canceled when Xbox and Sony were last not to attend

As we’ve seen in 2020, if Xbox and Sony officially pull out of the event this year, especially the subsidiaries of the companies and the studios they partner with. almost all game companies can announce one by one that they are withdrawing from E3. Of course, if this happens, E3 could also be canceled this year. However, we must remind you that E3 executives who do not want such a situation to occur can change the events calendar.

While IGN’s information is a claim, E3, one of the biggest gaming and player events in the world, will be postponed or even postponed if it happens. it seems possible that in the worst case it will stop permanently.

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