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The success of The Last of Us shows that concerns about the Microsoft-Activision merger may be unfounded (OK, but how?)

After Microsoft announced it would buy Activision Blizzard, all eyes were on this deal. So much so that over the past year there have been moves against merger from many different places, from Sony to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The main focus of these moves was that the merger of the two companies would reduce competition.

As discussions continued about the purchase, which turned Arabic hair, a statement came out yesterday from an Activision Blizzard executive. Lulu Cheng Meservey The manager advocated allowing the merger between Microsoft and Activison, citing the successful game adaptation The Last of Us series, which was recently published on Twitter.

According to the Activision executive, Sony’s unparalleled position in many aspects, from games to TV shows, shows that there is no reason to worry about the merger between Microsoft and Activision.

Meservey, in his post, from The Last of Us to the success He started hitting. As is known, the production, which is an adaptation of the popular PlayStation game of the same name, was appreciated all over the world in a short time and managed to get approval for the second season while releasing only two episodes. Meservey drew attention to this success and addressed the US Federal Trade Commission.

FTC to Microsoft in December 2022 sued. The reason for this is that the combination with Activision makes some games possible Probably limited to Microsoft consoles in the game market inhibition of competition and the ability to suppress the company’s competitors was shown. And Meservey wanted to emphasize that there is no cause for concern by highlighting that in his post.

In his tweet, the Activision executive stated that Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions produced The Last of Us, developed by Sony-owned Naughty Dog. Meserve continued, Sony’s unparalleled not only in games, but also in TV shows, movies and music said that. As an example, he showed that the series The Last of Us sparked interest in the game that came out 10 years ago.

In short, Meservey said that Sony does not need FTC protection and market leadership is not affected by this agreement. try to emphasize. The director also points out that the company dominates the console market.

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