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Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones will be the first with Android 14

The technology market and its cycles dictate an ever faster pace of change to which users are exposed.

ABOUT android 13 has just arrived, and we are already foreseeing possible changes that in the future android 14 can provide. And the first models of smartphones that should receive it are the models of the line pixel 8 from Google.

Android 14 will first appear on Google smartphones

Android 14 has recently been made available in developer preview, but it’s far from being released to regular users. And apparently, when it finally arrives, the first models to get the new version of Google’s operating system will be smartphones at home, in this case the Pixel line, with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

But what do we already know about Android 14? Thanks to the recent developer beta, Mishaal Rahman of XDA discovered a security feature for an upcoming version of Android called Advanced Memory Protection. This new feature should fix persistent memory security bugs, which Google defines as “errors in memory handling in native programming languages”. The company said that these issues are common in the Android codebase and are “Over 60% of high-severity vulnerabilities and millions of user-visible flaws.

09.02.2023 at 14:00

Android 14 available in developer version…

Google has finally released Android 14 to run on Pixel smartphones and…

And what can help solve this problem is the resource Memory Tag Extension (MTE), which will be implemented in the next Android update. This is a hardware feature that will be present in the ARM V9 processors that make up the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. This is one of the reasons Android 14 will hit them first.

Google stated that “dGiven the ever-increasing complexity of code, if you don’t take action, the number of memory safety bugs will grow over time. Therefore, providing our ecosystem with tools and technologies that can detect and fix these errors is critical to our long-term success. . “However, according to the company,”Memory security bugs have consistently been the top culprits for Android security vulnerabilities since its release.“.

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