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Scientists tell why Earth’s inner core could explode

The NU Journal of Discovery (NUJD) has published information that scientists warn of the possibility of the Earth’s core exploding due to global warming.

According to their research, not only the Earth’s biosphere is threatened, but also the inner core of the planet, which has a round shape, more than two thousand kilometers in diameter, which has shrunk due to nuclear decay in its bowels. . The energy flows released by the core are of a radioactive nature comparable to that of a nuclear reactor.

Continuous cooling of the core is necessary to sustain life on Earth. The energy balance is maintained by the Sun, which radiates its heat into space, as well as the heat released by the core of the planet.

According to experts, the temperature rise in the active zone may be caused by increased solar activity and greenhouse gas emissions. The most serious cause of possible “melting” of the Earth’s core is thought to be the gravitational separation of unstable isotopes in the molten inner core. This separation leads to enrichment of nuclear fuel to the level necessary for a chain reaction and a powerful nuclear explosion.

Scientists use temperature data from the planet’s polar regions to monitor changes in heat energy reaching the planet’s surface from solar energy. According to experts, one of the main reasons for the critical increase in the temperature of the Earth’s core may be global warming, which causes large-scale melting of glaciers. Due to this hypothesis, various world organizations organize actions to draw public attention to the problem of climate change caused by hazardous chemicals released into the atmosphere by humans.

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