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Huawei announces 5.5G products (us too…here…waiting for 5G)

Chinese technology company Huaweihosted an event as part of the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2023) in Barcelona. The company announced that it has designed special equipment for 5.5G as part of these events. Huawei equipment a first in the world explains that.

The name making statements about Huawei’s 5.5G equipment was Richard Liu, one of the company’s senior executives. Liu said: “The industry is entering the 5.5G era. For networking set new requirements new services and scenarios are emerging. The equipment we develop helps operators consolidate their network foundations, accelerate service innovation and build competitive advantages, ultimately achieving business success. It will help

What’s going on with 5.5G?

Huawei 5.5G

In the early 2010s, the telecommunications sector had the opportunity to get acquainted with 4G technology. Sometime after that, it’s still built on 4G standards, but outside of 4G. to work more efficiently systems have been developed. These systems, called “4G-Advanced” or “4G LTE”, are used in industry. 4.5G was called. 5.5G, which this news is about, comes from exactly the same logic.

5.5G technology today 5G technology has advanced and new features There will be a version. Positioned right between 5G and 6G connection technologies, the system will be up to 10 times faster than standard 5G connections. Latency in communication networks will be better than 5G and worse than 6G. So until the advent of 6G technology, which is expected to become widespread in the 2030s, a new “”cross bridge” will be added.

If we are too late for 5G in Turkey, we can immediately switch to 5.5G

Turkey 5.5G

Turkey lagged relatively behind in the transition to 4G and as such had immediately switched to 4.5G technology. At work same situation It is also viable for 5.5G. However, according to the statements of the official authorities, the 5G connection technology will be activated in Turkey in 2023. What awaits our country in the coming periods We will see more clearly.

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