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Four more new channels coming to PlutoTV in March

Pluto TV announced on Thursday (2) the addition of four new free-to-air channels to its streaming service.. With this update, users now have access to over 105 channels carefully curated by over 185 content partners in the region, including major TV networks.

Pluto TV’s release this month includes medical detectives, Pluto TV’s sci-fi series, Super Eleven and Runtime, all available for free. This new content can be accessed through the mobile app (Android and iOS), the Smart TV version (when available), and the Pluto TV website.

Pluto TV and other free platforms may soon have a new competitor with the entry of YouTube, sources say. Google appears to be planning to launch free TV channels with Pluto-style ads, but there’s no official confirmation on this yet.

In order to constantly update the schedule and release a series of exclusive content, Pluto TV often announces the addition of new free channels to the platform. This allows you to show new programs to the public, who do not need to pay to access the channel.

See details about the new channels that have appeared on Pluto TV.

Medical Detectives (Channel 306) – Medical Detectives, a program where you will learn how forensic science can help solve violent crimes and mysterious incidents. The most complex cases are handled using the most advanced technology in the industry.

  • Sci-Fi Series “Pluto” (Channel 116) – The future is here and you can watch it in the sci-fi series Pluto. Futuristic inventions, intergalactic travel, new planets and, of course, extraterrestrial beings. Anything is possible in science fiction.
  • Super Eleven (Channel 333) — Super Onze, the famous soccer anime, is coming to Pluto TV. The series, inspired by the cult video game, tells the story of Endo Mamoru’s team. Prepare your heart to watch the most spectacular matches on the planet.
  • Runtime (Channel 76) — Runtime is a channel where you can watch great movies and series featuring famous Hollywood actors. Comedy, action, suspense, drama or romance, no matter the genre, Runtime will always be good company.
Ubisoft TV is Pluto TV's new gaming and entertainment channel.

Ubisoft TV is Pluto TV’s new gaming and entertainment channel.
Ubisoft TV will feature games, entertainment, humor and more

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