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Xiaomi: Redmi should release the first TV with Amazon FireTV OS

Xiaomi is poised to expand its smart TV portfolio and enter an ever larger market with the launch of Redmi Fire TV in India.. The company showed a teaser on social media, where it is reported that the launch will take place later this month, on the 14th.

It will be the first SmartTV to run the Amazon Fire TV operating system.. Nowadays, users who use a flash drive on TVs are well aware that they can turn it into a smart one. Now the gadget will have its own OS on television.

The full specs of the TV have yet to be revealed, but Redmi has already confirmed that the TV will be 32-inch and will run Fire OS 7. There is no word on whether the TVs will come in other sizes with an Apple processor. stick to the Amazon operating system.

Redmi wants to provide a complete user experience

Redmi has stated that it wants to offer users a first-class experience through the operating system. It has a smart control center for that, and the new remote has a shortcut to Alexa instead of Google Assistant. In addition, it also has shortcut buttons for Prime Video, Netflix, and Amazon Music.

Among the little information available at the moment about the Redmi Fire TV is that it has a metal-like bezel to provide users with a more elegant finish. In addition, it will also have connectivity options including dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, Airplay, and Miracast.

Redmi also ensures that the audience will also experience the immersive sound with dual speakers to provide users with the best experience. Finally, the manufacturer revealed that the TV will come in eco-friendly packaging that can be cut open to turn into a decorative item.

With so much information missing about the TV, Redmi hasn’t revealed one of the main ones either. The company has not revealed how many Redmi Fire TVs will hit the market or if it will be available in countries other than India.

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