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Girlfriend of kidnapped Americans tells how she was rescued


In an interview with CNN, Cheryl Orangetold about the events before the disappearance and kidnapping from my friends in Matamoros, Tamaulipas. A group of five people arrived from South Carolina to Brownsville, Texasbut did not cross with them border limit without bringing documents IDENTIFIER.

Cheryl who says this Latavia McGee is “his best friend,” he stressed to CNN that she didn’t know they would cross the border into Mexico prior to the trip. When asked if she or Latavia knew about “threatsAt Matamoros he replied: “No, sir; not at all. I guess she didn’t know because I know her and she wasn’t going to go to Danger“.

“When I told them that I didn’t have my ID with me, they dropped me off at the hotel and said they would be back in 15 minutes. That’s why I was like this worried and with fear; 15 minutes have passed, and they are not there, ”he emphasized in an interview.

She said that when they left her at the hotel, she showered and took a nap after a few hours of travel to Texas. When he woke up, it was 5:00 pm and his friends left at 9:00 am. He asked in the hotel lobby if his friends had returnedto which the staff said no.

She later called her boyfriend and brother McGee, telling them “something’s wrong”. The night passed and when there were a few minutes left to do check from the hotel, decided to call police and make a report disappearance.

Video where he appears when four friends The abductees arrived at Cheryl a few hours later. “I dropped my phone, my body tightened up, my stomach twisted and I just I started to pray… I started praying for them to come back,” the friend said.

He admitted that he knew little about cartels V Mexico and that he opened an investigation. “I started thinking about the worst. He could only think of his 18-year-old daughter, Latavia’s daughter; she made me hold faithhe added.

After the return of Latavia McGee and Eric Williams, she was able to talk to a friend while maintaining a constant connection with her daughter. He said, “It was music to my ears to hear his voice.”

He ended the interview by saying that he would like the world to leave a group of friends and their families in world“and so that they stop being bad, I want them to have heart“. He added that what happened to his girlfriend was wrong, “she’s a wonderful person”, he finished with tears in his eyes.

Both survivors were delivered to US authorities on the border bridge 2 Matamoros. both reported wounds and were taken to a hospital in Brownsville for treatment. Last Thursday, Eric Williams went through operationwhere bars were inserted into both legs after fired.

For killedbody Shade Woodard And Zindell Brown They were handed over to US authorities last Thursday at the Ignacio Zaragoza International Bridge.

Source: Aristegui Noticias



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