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Apple not laying off employees but delaying bonuses

Apple is one of the few major tech companies that has yet to announce layoffs amid the ongoing global economic downturn. Over the past few months we’ve seen layoffs at Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta (a further 10,000 layoffs were announced just yesterday) and more. While the Cupertino-based firm is not laying off employees yet, it is taking steps to cut internal costs.

According to anonymous sources speaking to Bloomberg, Apple is delaying bonuses for some corporate units. Above all, it affected units that received awards twice a year. Under the new strategy, bonuses will now be distributed in October, like all other divisions that receive annual bonuses. Previously, one of its two awards was scheduled for April. In addition, Apple also removed the target headcount. Company sources say hiring is “limited,” and the position often remains vacant when a current employee leaves.

It is important to note that the size of the bonus is not reduced, it will only be combined as a bonus and will not be split in half. The move will affect corporate retail workers, engineers and mid-level executives. Many employees change jobs after receiving their bonuses, which could keep these employees until at least October. But this will have a negative impact on people who are looking forward to personal budget bonuses.

It is reported that this does not apply to senior staff in executive or even senior positions, and their bonuses are still paid quarterly.

While Apple has already laid off some contractors, cut travel budgets, and cut the salary of CEO Tim Cook, it’s not yet clear how effective the latest measures to cut overall costs will be. Some staff and retail workers expressed concern about monitoring their working hours and days more closely, fearing that it could be used as a reason for dismissal. Some also stated that they felt encouraged to quit their jobs by being asked to work harder than is contractually required.

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