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Sony and LG will supply OLEDoS displays for the Apple XR headset


Apple plans to launch the first-generation Mixed Reality Headphones, and Sony and LG will be the first display suppliers of the XR headphones. The displays used in these earphones are expected to be a technological breakthrough, as OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon) displays offer ultra-high resolutions of 3000-4000 ppi. These displays will be less than an inch long and will use CMOS substrates based on silicon wafers, unlike traditional OLED displays that use glass substrates.

Compared to a regular OLED screen used on a smartphone with an average resolution of 55 pixels per inch, the screen used in AR or VR devices requires an average resolution of 3500 pixels per inch for a more realistic AR experience. OLEDoS displays are expected to provide users with an ultra-high-definition experience that provides detailed and realistic images.

Sony and LG are said to have surpassed Samsung in the development of these displays and will be the first display suppliers for the upcoming Apple XR device. Along with all this, Samsung is also working on an RGB OLEDoS display and is expected to launch a 3500 ppi FMM (Thin Metal Mask) with the help of APS Holdings.

Apple has also previously asked LG and Samsung to develop a display with such a high resolution, and Samsung’s collaboration with APS Holdings is likely to meet Apple’s wishes. APS Holdings has also developed an ultra-high resolution FMM sheet and a 4,000 ppi mask that is better than the 3,500 ppi FMM developed in collaboration with Samsung.

The first-generation Apple XR headsets will feature two OLEDoS displays, and while Apple initially relied on Sony and LG for their displays, the brand will likely stop relying on Sony in the future as the brand already has its own range of game consoles. To rival Apple.

The use of OLEDoS displays in Apple’s upcoming Mixed Reality headsets is expected to set a new standard in the XR device market by providing users with a lifelike experience. The collaboration between Apple, Sony, LG, Samsung and APS Holdings showcases the cutting-edge technology behind these devices that are expected to revolutionize the way we interact with technology.

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