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Donald Trump is returning to YouTube, the last of the major internet platforms to maintain his ban


First in the footsteps of Twitter, later Facebook and Instagram, YouTube revokes Donald Trump’s ‘punishment’that you can now republish content through your official account on the Google platform.

As with the rest of social media, Google suspended Donald Trump’s YouTube account in the wake of the attack on the United States Capitol in January 2021, in which a mob of the president’s supporters were still trying to “avoid certification of the presidential election.” » which took place a few months ago and in which Joe Biden won. A Trump-sponsored incident that resulted in four deaths, dozens of arrests and damage to equipment.

everyone’s reaction Donald Trump’s Internet Speakersread all the official social media accounts managed by Trump’s public relations team, but he himself in the case of Twitter, where he was a very active user, it was the same: permanent or temporary expulsion in the face of an attack on institutions as unusual as disproportionate in the assumption of their possible effects.

Image protection and prevention, rather than cure, were the motivations for the Internet giants to veto Donald Trump’s space, even though he would be acquitted by the United States Senate of “incitement to violence” a month after the attack on the Capitol. “. So the tycoon and former president of the United States has been missing from the main social networks for about two years. Until now.

“Starting today, Donald J. Trump’s channel is no longer restricted and can upload new content,” YouTubeInsider said on Twitter. “We carefully assess the ongoing risk of real-world violence while balancing the chance that voters will hear equally from the nation’s major candidates during the primary. This channel will continue to be subject to our policies, just like any other channel on YouTube,” they add.

YouTube is thus following the path started by Twitter and which many blame Elon Musk for, although it took little time for other platforms to follow suit: reverse censoring applied to a voice which, bad or not, represents millions of people, and which at this moment is not subject to the law, though it might be.

In any case, Trump has yet to resume his activity on the sites that censored him because he claims to be very happy in his own echo chamber, TrueSocial. So far, it’s worth repeating, with two messages posted on YouTube and Facebook in the last few hours announcing his return, just to kick off his re-election campaign to run again. for the President of the United States.

On the contrary, and as shocking as it is, he still doesn’t look at Twitter.

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