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6.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Ecuador


earthquake 6.5 magnitude was registered in Ecuador this Saturday at 12:12.

The Geophysical Institute (IG) of the National Polytechnic School said that the epicenter of the shock was 29.12 kilometers from Balao, Guayas.

Residents of GuayaquilLoja, Ambato, Zamora and Cuenca said the quake “was strong”.

In accordance with Trade, citizens reported that the tremors were felt in Pomaski, La Vicentina, Carselen and Nion.

Users on social networks shared a video of the moment when the earthquake surprised them.

According to reports on the networks, in the Historic Center of Guayaquil, a wall collapsed as a result of an earthquake, crushing a person.

So far the President William Lasso was not spoken.

More information in development…

Source: Aristegui Noticias



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