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Garbage collection continues: Paris police

Prefecture paris police showed on video this Saturday that garbage collection continues in the city by order of the authorities, despite the fact that it is still thousand tons from wasting They accumulate on most of the sidewalks.

“Police prefect’s orders: Garbage collection and processing continues,” the prefecture, which is subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior, said in a statement posted online.

The ad was placed along with a short video of garbage trucks leaving a large hangar.

Via Twitter @prefpolice

cleaning services more from paris ten days V strike protest against pension reform government of Emmanuel Macron, including raising the age retirement between 62 and 64 years of age and who was approved by decree and no vote in the Assembly last Thursday.

Strikes primarily affect neighborhoods that have not privatized garbage collection.

Photo via twitter

The French executive announced on Friday the return to work of some strikers, arguing that the strike poses a health risk to Parisians.

However, the execution of this order was slowed down due to the fact that the mayor of the city, a socialist and opposition Macron Ann Hidalgo, rejected To cooperate with instructions, in solidarity with the strike of their employees.

One of the area’s mayors most critical of Hidalgo’s handling of the strike, Conservative Geoffroy Boulard (District XVII), told BFMTV that the introduction of the government’s ordinance is A step forwardalthough he asked for time to see the consequences of this.

This morning, a significant part of the Parisians again found themselves among the mountains of uncollected garbage.


Source: Aristegui Noticias



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