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Riots and arson of containers in Paris and Bordeaux


Arsons of containers, police charges and destruction of street furniture took place today in protests like those from Bordeaux and Paris, called against He Government The French, whom they accuse of authoritarianism, approved Thursday’s unpopular pension reform by decree.

Before ban government manifesto on the square of Concordin which the protests of the past two nights have led to hundreds arrests and numerous damages, thousands of people moved to Place d’Italie in the south of Paris.

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There they mixed militants alliances and leftist parties with protesters outside of any organization, sparking the 2018 yellow vest riot.

Almost two hours after the start of the march container burning and withdrawal barrelyou’re givingwhich led to accusations from the police, who used tear gas in response to projectile launches.

So far, the authorities have not disclosed either the balance sheet or the detainees or victims.

In the meantime, tense street mobilizations were also reported in several cities in southern France. In Bordeaux it burned down garbage containers on the main street of the city, the fire was quickly extinguished.

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surge reply against the government of French President Emmanuel Macron, extended today almost all over the country, even in medium and small towns.

demonstrations HE combined to partial train shutdowns, refineries, the gas sector, and garbage collection, among others.


Source: Aristegui Noticias



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