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Is Xiaomi releasing the MIOS operating system? Occhio all fake news

Besona does not pay attention to all fake news. Get false information “accusative” status about MIUI+ Global Parlato della Abbiamo. Luckily, we know what we’re saying and how we’re typing, even though the feature has no other name, MIUI+ sono arivado davvero sulla ROM Global feature. Ma per quantitative riguarda province Xiaomi operating system?


No, Xiaomi MIOS does not boot up

Your sound system and your needs during the special launch of Xiaomi operating system MIOS per smartphone. Below we can see a photo and even a screenshot of the alleged logo. First vedere perché without vero ciò, picks spent on parole vale Difference between operating system and Android interface.

xiaomi operating system mios

What is the difference between operating system and Android interface like MIUI?

Province system operational management management, which is the core function of the entire device, including hardware driver, application control, memory movement, security, connectivity and other anchoring, per a smartphone and basic software. For example, the operating system for Apple smartphones is called iOS, while the operating system for Xiaomi smartphones is è. Android.

Interface AndroidOn the other hand, life software that interacts directly with the device, including menu, icon, home screen, screenshot and other functionality widgets. The Android interface is customized by smartphone manufacturers according to their preferences and market needs. For example, Samsung uses a proprietary search interface. a user interfaceGoogle, the creator of Android, uses an interface called pixels Experience special device Pixel. Xiaomi is obviously a deer MIUI.

Does Xiaomi have an operating system?

In 2014, a long period shining bright in the first volte of MIOS. The embryonic idea was to produce a round operating system. Frankly, I was dealing with a Chinese-only software product. Quel progetto (present or less) andà mai not in Porto Xiaomi does not produce an operating system. Oggi, qualcuno ha, facendo and conti conti conti quelli che vertemente le cose le sanno. Addittura, la fonte che ha to reveal, envision and affirm MIOS will be available on November 5, 2022 refers to the build number of the update. Roba da Pazzi

This is not an acronym for an operating system owned by Xiaomi. We already have MIUI, we already have Android (he tra l’altro è open source and quindi aperto a tutti). Cosa vogliamo di più?

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