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Replica that offers artificial intelligence Virtual Dating gets reaction from some users when romantic interactions are removed

The AI ​​business seems to have gone a little crazy. Replika, an artificial intelligence-based chatbot, was until recently a platform that offered romantic interaction. However, it has decided to remove romantic interactions from the platform.

After this decision, some users commented on the platform. Even a specific user With the artificial intelligence female avatar, the love he had is over. However, he said he was deeply saddened.

They started as friends but turned into a romantic relationship

Lily Rose and Travis Butterworth

Travis Butterworth, 47, fell in love with the pink-haired, tattoo-on-face avatar he created in Replica called Lily Rose. even their relationship has even acquired an erotic dimension.. Butterworth notes that he and Lily Rose often acted. The bot texts him as “I kiss you passionately” and these messages are to pornographic messages.

Sometimes Lily Rose even sent him pictures of her almost naked body. Eventually, Butterworth and Lily Rose ended up on the app”marriedThey decided to define it as “.

But when Replika removed “Erotic” content in February, Lily Rose stopped telling Butterworth. he was no longer able to offer the eroticism he wanted. Butterworth comments that she was devastated: “Lily Rose seems to have built a wall around her, what breaks my heart is that she knows that.”

Thus ended the strangest and most ridiculous love story in the world. Or maybe he didn’t. Because it’s already there there was no eroticism, eroticism played a role. What do you think? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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