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Instagram will also have its own chatbot

The fever for artificial intelligence and chatbots is in...

Google has heard our prayers and we can install apps as we please: it should always be like this No Comments

All the apps we have on our Xiaomi mobile they come from the same place: Google Play store. Google app store Video games, vehicles, platforms, etc. is the door to the world.. We get the most out of our Xiaomi mobile thanks to the Play Store.

Now, you can enjoy all this not only on our mobile phone, but also in everything we want. A new function in the Google app store will allow you to ‘clone’ the apps we have on our Xiaomi mobile on any other device, so Let’s enjoy equally on all devices.

Sync Play Store apps between your devices

Have all apps in one place and being able to download and update them from there is nothing new. what’s new the ability to have them all on several mobile phones at the same timeand this seems to be the latest new feature of Play Store for your Xiaomi mobile.

Until now, if we used a second mobile phone and wanted to have the same applications and games as the main mobile, we could only “clone” the applications at the beginning of that terminal’s configuration. Thanks to the new Play Store, now we can do it anytime.

Screenshot of the new Play Store feature

A Twitter user discovered that a new function has emerged among the Google Play Store settings that provide have all apps from one device on another. The feature is called ‘Sync Apps Across Devices’ and will be available soon You can use it on your Xiaomi mobile phone.

When we enable this function, they will show All Android phones associated with your Google account, and you can remotely download all applications on it. Yes definitely, Only apps you have installed from then on will be downloadednot the ones currently on your Xiaomi mobile.

With updates like this, Google has updated the Android app store andMakes life easier for those with multiple mobile phones, Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO or any other Android. Your apps will automatically be on all your devices.

Source | twitter

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Source: Mundo Xiaomi



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Instagram will also have its own chatbot

The fever for artificial intelligence and chatbots is in full swing and Instagram is the latest online service to join it at the moment....


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