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Toshiba announces new TV line-up for 2023 in Brazil

Considered one of the best brands in the TV market. Last Tuesday (21) Toshiba launched a new series of TVs with 2k, 4k and QLED models in various sizes., from 32 to 75 inches. The brand strives to meet the needs of consumers who are looking for quality and immersion.

Fernando Nogueira, Product Director of Multi, a Toshiba partner in Brazil, highlights the sound power of the C350L family, especially the 75-inch Smart TV 4K TB009M, which delivers 15W per speaker for a total of 30W RMS. According to him, this technology will strengthen the consumer’s relationship with the brand.

“This product will deliver 15W of power to each speaker, for a total of 30W. We believe that with this new technology, the consumer relationship not only with the TV, but also with Toshiba will reach a new level, ”said the product director. in Multi.

The TV is already available for sale both on Multi’s own website and in other retailers present in the Brazilian market. At the moment, the recommended price of the equipment is 6.6 thousand reais.. However, it is possible that it may vary depending on the store where it is sold.

In addition to the TB009M 75-inch 4K Smart TV, Toshiba also offers 4K and 4K QLED models in other sizes: 50″, 55″, and 65″. Offered prices range from R? 3,399.00 in R? 5,499.00 including TB015M 65″ QLED Smart TV and 4K resolution.

TVs with more technology for viewers

Toshiba has introduced new technologies that optimize the audiovisual experience, such as the fastest operating system on the market, VIDAA, with a response time of up to eight seconds at startup and two seconds before opening an application. All models offer remote control with streaming shortcut buttons and two voice command options.

In addition to Alexa voice control, Toshiba products support Bluetooth connectivity for headphones, soundbars, and other devices. Sound quality is guaranteed by Dolby Vision-Atmos and Dolby Audio, and picture quality is HDR10+.

Another novelty presented by the brand is intended for the gaming public. Toshiba’s “Game Mode” minimizes input lag, delivering superior visuals and a responsive gaming experience. Ultimate Motion technology brings more reality, making the gaming experience unforgettable.

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