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The end of 150 years of tech giant: Toshiba sold for $15 billion

Headquartered in Japan, one of the largest technology companies in the world Toshiba, has not gone through a very good process in recent years. In fact, the company met with its investors last year and decided to either be sold or split in half. had argued. Latest news for Toshiba last the end has come it reveals.

After the deadlocks of Toshiba, which began serving in 1875 and has a history of about 150 years, to be sold It was decided. According to the information obtained, Japan-based private equity firm Japan Industrial Partners has acquired Toshiba. 15 billion dollars will buy in exchange.

Toshiba, which refused to be divided in the past, will have dozens of owners!

Toshiba has been sold

According to the information received, Japan Industrial Partners has signed a contract for the management of Toshiba. will form a consortium. According to the news in Reuters, a total of 20 companies, mainly based in Japan, will participate in this consortium. Thus, Toshiba will be divided into 20, while refusing to even split in two. Japan Industrial Partners will also distance Toshiba from the Japanese government and completely private There is talk of turning it into a business.

Although the sale of Toshiba has been technically approved, the competition authorities say they have to leave. It is not clear exactly when this will happen, but according to industry sources, this work will officially start at the end of July and will be completed within months. Both Japan Industrial Partners and Toshiba executives agree on this decision enough to save thinks…

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