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Trendyol announces its help to the earthquake zone

Two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, which occurred on February 6, caused widespread destruction in an area spanning 10 provinces. More than 50 thousand of our citizens lost their lives. led to After the earthquakes, the whole of Turkey mobilized to help the region.

Trendyol, one of Turkey’s largest e-commerce platforms, shared the help it has done and will do so far. Company, support to the region reached one billion TL explained. It was stated that long-term and permanent support was directed to the disaster area.

Trenyol’s plans to help the region:


Trendyol shared that it has postponed the opening of the Adana Transfer Center. The transfer center, which was commissioned with an investment of TL 500 million, largest hub in the region it happened. The company announced that a transfer center with a larger capacity will be commissioned in Ankara in the near future.


Trendol also has 35 thousand sellers in the earthquake zone. 70 billion TL trading volume in 3 years announced that it aims to reach He said that they will support the sellers in the region to start their overseas sales from this year, especially in Germany and Azerbaijan and aim to make them sell all over the world. The company emphasized that it will provide all kinds of support, especially technology, education and language integration.

The e-commerce giant also set a target to increase the income it provides to its producers in the region three times compared to the previous year. Total revenue target 1 billion TL was determined as. It was indicated that the order numbers of the existing producers in the region will be increased in order to move a larger part of the production volume to the region.

Trendyol’s activities in the earthquake zone:


Trendyol stated that it obtained the list of urgent needs from its suppliers in the first 24 hours after the earthquakes. He also announced that production of supplies such as children’s sleeping bags, which are not produced in Turkey, has started. It was shared that the products produced in Turkey for the first time were quickly delivered to the region. All supports that have been created and will be created are listed as follows:

  • Trendyol’s support to the disaster area has reached 1 billion TL so far.
  • It has commissioned the largest transshipment center in the region ahead of schedule with an investment of approximately 500 million TL.
  • The trade volume it will provide the region in 3 years will be 70 billion TL.
  • Starting this year, it wants to enable its 35,000 dealers in the region to sell all over the world, especially in Germany and Azerbaijan.
  • The list of urgent needs of public institutions was delivered within the first 24 hours. Shelter, heating, clothing, search and rescue and food materials were prioritized and delivered to the most needed points.
  • Trendyol couriers and business partners of carriers ensured that all necessary materials and hot meals were delivered to the villages in the disaster area.
  • Since the first day of the earthquake, about 2.5 million people have received hot meals and basic food aid.
  • Food supplies were provided to more than 30 volunteer mobile kitchens and 65 restaurants, including key chefs such as Arda Türkmen, Fatih Tutak and Rafet İnce who volunteered on the field.
  • Hot meals are served to 4,500 people in Antakya Narlıca and 13,500 people in Adıyaman.
  • Under the coordination of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, he took over the management of the main transfer centers in Kayseri, Adana and Gaziantep.
  • As the only private company invited to Turkey’s National Risk Shield Meeting, he gave his opinion on preliminary preparations for a possible earthquake in Istanbul.
  • It provided 18 million TL to its employees in the region and 19 million TL to its logistics business partners.
  • He sent 50 e-commerce consultants to the region to support the suppliers. So far given to the sellers in the region; 0 commission, term, advertising, special education and consultancy programs aid amounted to 200 million TL.
  • He performed the program “Let Your Order Be Hope” in one day, gathering the sellers in the disaster area under one roof.
  • He launched the “Earthquake Aid Campaign” boutique initiated by the Department of Commerce. It delivered the relief to the earthquake zone without any commercial gain through the boutique, which contains the products with urgent needs that are transported by AFAD. He received no commissions from the boutique sellers and the sellers offered their products for sale at a discount.
  • More than TL 200 million in support to NGOs was provided with the digital support cards that were put up for sale together with NGOs.
  • Earthquake.trendyol.com has been implemented for those who want to support from abroad. The platform was opened in just 48 hours.
  • It expanded the scope of the Heart to Heart Scholarship Fund, which was established in partnership with the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) after the Izmir earthquake. It will provide scholarships to university students affected by the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş throughout their education.
  • TEV continues to provide computers to university students affected by earthquakes.

Source: Web Tekno



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