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Venus figurine found in Roman dump

Archaeologists from the National Archaeological Research Institute (Inrap) excavating in Rennes, France, discovered an ancient quarry. According to Heritage Daily’s report, the research was conducted at the site before construction work began.

The find is dated to the Gallo-Roman period. Previous studies have shown that the Roman city of Condate Riedonum was located in the area of ​​modern Rennes.

The January is dated to the 1st century AD. Briover shale was mined for foundations of buildings and street signs. But the reserves were quickly depleted, and in the next century the quarry was abandoned and used as a landfill.

Scientists excavated layers of Roman ruins and discovered many artifacts in them. Among them: fragments of ceramic dishes, terracotta figurines of the gods, coins and jewelry. One of the main finds was a Venus figurine.

Terracotta figurine AD 1.-2. It is dated to the 16th century and depicts a nude Venus holding her hair back. Its height is 10 cm. Later on, the stove was completely covered. The team discovered the remains of 17th-century wooden buildings, furnaces and pipes in the upper layers. Source

Source: Port Altele



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