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Instagram will also have its own chatbot

The fever for artificial intelligence and chatbots is in...

Xiaomi wants to get its electric car ready for the first half of 2024 No comment

The big adventure of Xiaomi’s electric car is gaining momentum. After the first few months of the year, when we could see how the Xiaomi vehicle took to the streets and even seen Lei Jun driving it himself in winter tests, everything seems to point to this: the project is getting stronger.

This was made known by Xiaomi itself this Friday. shared your financial data and decided to develop what could be called Xiaomi MS11, the company’s electric and autonomous car. will be ready by next 2024.

May be less than a year to see

As we said, Xiaomi’s electric car passed some tests a few months ago. critical for future mass production. Later, we saw what its interior will be in an image showing the ‘MIUI Car’ system, and now the company has talked about the project again.

In the summary of the results that the company communicated today, Xiaomi is already realizing how the Chinese economy is starting to stabilize After the coronavirus crisis and despite the losses, people are starting to spend again and Xiaomi stands firm at home.

In any case, and leaving the motives aside, they are the strongest point of the companyThe truth is that Xiaomi’s most ambitious project, employing more than 2,000 people and investing around 8,500 million euros, seems to be going. ahead of schedule.

A few months ago, Lei Jun suggested that Xiaomi’s electric car is a little ahead of the company’s planned schedule, and we may know the final design before the end of the year. Now, Lu Weibing, head of the worldwide Xiaomi group, says Mass production could begin in the first half of 2024.

All we know so far is that this mass production is planned for 2024, but the indication that it will be in the first half (if everything goes according to plan) is undoubtedly, good news for lovers of electric mobility and Xiaomi users.

Source: Mundo Xiaomi



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Instagram will also have its own chatbot

The fever for artificial intelligence and chatbots is in full swing and Instagram is the latest online service to join it at the moment....


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