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Popular clothing brand Levi’s has teamed up with an AI company: models will be made with AI

Artificial intelligence has now penetrated many aspects of our lives. We can get the image we want with a few lines of description, or we can print an article with a command. That is why brands that see the potential are slowly starting to take initiatives in this area.

Popular clothing brand known for quality jeans Levi Strauss Co. (Levi’s) will now feature mannequins on posters it will place on its website, hang on billboards or place in stores. will ‘produce’ with artificial intelligence.

Levi’s has signed a contract with Lalaland.ai to produce its models with artificial intelligence

Levi’s will now use computer-generated fashion models to market its clothing. To create these models, the company has lalaland.ai called mission’create a more sustainable diversified design chain in the fashion industryIt partnered with an artificial intelligence company.

The Levi Strauss company has taken these steps diversity, equality, inclusion and sustainability considers it part of a digital transformation journey based on This is of course a huge amount for the company. savings opportunity Obviously he will.

Thanks to this artificial intelligence, which has the ability to create models for every body type, skin color and age, Levi’s is now don’t have to spend tons of money on real models and photo studios. We’ll see how this plays into things like unemployment over time. What do you think? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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