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Our readers speak: which game got you most excited?

If you were to ask which game caught your attention the most, I’m sure that being the true video game lover that you are, you would come up with many titles. Could you choose just one? Probably not, but we want to give you a say in this article and we encourage you to tell us in the comments what the game was and why you were so excited about it.

As always, I start “wetting” first. The list of games that have transferred various emotions to me and that have left an important mark on me as a result is quite long. I remember with particular fondness how I felt when I first played Sonic and saw it When you kill the enemies, release the animalsand also the roughness with which Double Dragon II in its arcade version opened the first level with Marien’s murder. There was no point in saving her in Double Dragon.

Another game that was one of the ones that moved me the most is final fantasy 7, an original, both for the story in general and for its telling, for the deep criticism of many aspects that are present in our society, and of course for the death of Aerith. Some may believe that he was revolutionary in that sense when he proposed death, if you are one of them, it is clear that you have never played Fantasy Star IV.

I don’t want to drag on so much that you end up spending the whole afternoon reading my comics, so let’s get to the point. If I had to focus on the current games and choose the one that moved me the most without a doubt I’d stick with Bloodborne, a title that managed to evoke a huge amount of emotions in me with its secondary characters and its “optional missions”, the story of each of them was etched in my head.

How to forget poor Viola and Father Gascoignewho is still able to feel when he listens to the music box, the feeling of discomfort and guilt when we enter the Iosefka Clinic, especially if we sent an NPC there to tell them it was safe, the sour aftertaste that Eileen’s quest thread leaves us with, or even the certain regret I felt when I saw the Kos orphan. This game was quite an experience in every way, so if you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend it.

Now it’s your turn read in the comments.

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