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Canon streamlines 4K broadcast production workflows with BCTV lens and product update for displays

As a leader in imaging technology, Canon is introducing its latest broadcast zoom lens, the UHD DIGISUPER 122AF (UJ122x8.2B AF) to its users. Capable of producing superior 4K image quality with its 122x zoom ratio, the lens allows users to achieve a focal length of 8.2-1,000mm (16.4-2,000mm with 2x extender), which represents an extraordinary level. What sets the UHD DIGISUPER 122AF apart from others is that fast-moving subjects can be captured in 4K resolution. It can be activated by adding a fast and accurate phase detection autofocus system using the operator’s new FDJ-S31/41 focus controller. Canon will also release new firmware for the professional reference display DP-V1830, which will allow broadcasters to achieve the best possible 4K HDR image quality.

Sharp image quality at a distance

The UHD DIGISUPER 122AF is a lens well-suited for sports and live event broadcasts that need to deliver the best possible image quality to their viewers. Utilizing Canon’s advanced optical technology, the lens features fluorite and UD glass elements that minimize lens imperfections such as chromatic aberration, light smearing and lens flare to produce stunning 4K HDR image quality throughout the zoom range and from the center to the extreme ends of the lens. the frame attracts attention. Ideal for shooting distant subjects such as sports or live music events, the UHD DIGISUPER 122AF makes a focal length of 2,000mm achievable with its excellent 122x zoom and a built-in 2x extender.

Improved lens technology for easy image capture

To simplify the process for high-speed action shots and ensure the subject stays in focus at a shallow depth-of-field telephoto focal length, the UHD DIGISUPER 122AF lens features Canon’s Enhanced Autofocus technology, which allows the operator to focus on the shot by moving quickly. and accurately keeping the focus on the subject, just one of the most important details used.

With a choice of three AF ​​frame area sizes and two autofocus modes (full-time and part-time) offering variable AF response speeds, this lens can be optimized for highly accurate focus tracking. Combined with the new FDJ-S31/41 focus controller, operators can customize focus control functions and have more effective control over AF modes, area setting and sensitivity with the three focus curve modes on offer (far, standard and near). Also compatible with HD Studio/Field autofocus lenses, the operator can get the best AF function for the required focus range in any shooting scenario.

With improved built-in image stabilization, this lens incorporates Canon’s best optics and servo technologies to stabilize footage and maintain high-quality 4K performance at all times. These are especially important when the operator is working at the long end of the zoom range.

Seamless Virtual Production Workflows

The UHD DIGISUPER 122AF also works in harmony with virtual production systems such as sporting events where virtual graphics can be incorporated into live images. Equipped with three 20-pin connectors, the 16-bit absolute encoder works integrated with zoom, focus and iris to provide accurate lens position information so that the image interacts seamlessly with virtual elements.

New DP-V1830 firmware

Canon will make a name for itself in the coming days with a firmware update for the DP-V1830 professional reference monitor that will be available in July 2022. The DP-V1830 will be available as a 4K HDR display, ideal for live broadcast studios, production vehicles and on-set HDR monitoring, thanks to its award-winning monitoring tools and uncompromised 12G-SDI connectivity. The new firmware allows users to experience the full potential of this display, thanks to the addition of enhanced features that strongly support 4K HDR broadcast productions.

With this latest update from Canon, the DP-V1830 comes with the new RGB Parade Waveform Monitor and Chromaticity Diagram Display tools. With the support of the detailed color information in these tools, it is now much easier to provide true-to-life color reproduction and make accurate color matching in multi-camera shooting settings used in production. This update also introduces monitoring tools such as the Light in Frame Tracker, a Canon exclusive tool that displays the average and peak brightness of an image over time. With the update, the DP-V1830 now includes the histogram, which can be used to evaluate the overall exposure balance of the image. The new intuitive interface makes it possible to use more than one of these HDR monitoring tools simultaneously without blocking the image, thanks to the Multi-Info Display function.

Owners of a DP-V1830 will also benefit from the new Enhanced Dual/Quad View functionality, which allows users to view both HDMI and SDI streams simultaneously, an ideal feature for hybrid workflows. The firmware allows separate picture quality settings for dual or quad split-screen display and Multi-Information Display when using the SDI input. In this way, users do not need to use special equipment such as signal converters or separate screens to have a more compact film set-up and an efficient production workflow. The update also includes the option to purchase the built-in SDI Switcher feature, which enables 4-way SDI switching on the monitor and reduces the need for additional hardware by allowing operators to switch the image between four cameras or transfer it to an external one. to send a recorder. The DP-V1830 can now be connected to a computer, tablet or smartphone via a LAN connection to use the web user interface for remote control.

Source: (BHA) – Beyaz News Agency

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