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Stopping a ChatGPT in Italy: privacy guarantee and pronunciation

First time to ask questions alone, Pronounced Privacy Guarantee and ChatGPT activity circa, chatbot with artificial intelligence unable to do a common task. So called watchdog italiano ha espresso le sue perplessità sulla sicurezza del systema nella sua interezza. For now, OpenAI will show pre-blocking in Italia di ChatGPT:

Artificial intelligence: Guaranteed to block ChatGPT results in illegal collection of personal data and lack of minor verification dell’età

The announcement comes from the official site of Privacy Guarantee, which has decided to block ChatGPT until there are no preconditions that prevent strict respect for privacy. Il Garante for personal data prosthesis underlining OpenAI development To provide a legal basis for the collection and massive protection of personal data from users of the ChatGPT platformuses artificial intelligence for virtual speech. Evaluation of databases on which personal information is based and which do not comply with all applicable normative privacy rules.

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More info: ChatGPT with Gli occhiali: ecco rizzGPT, GPT-4 feed

Also, ha rilevato la lack of sufficient information previously collected by OpenAI for users and all interested parties. This lack of transparency is particularly troubling as ChatGPT has suffered a data breach that compromises user conversations and subscriber payment information. Il Garante ha anche delizato la lack of a filter to verify users age, il che espone i minori a risposte unsuitable ripetto all loro grado di sviluppo e autoconsapevolezza. This point is particularly important because, according to OpenAI’s general terms of use, the service is aimed at 13-year-olds.

As a result, OpenAI has 20 days to communicate to the Guarantor the measures it plans to take in order to comply with all regulations regarding privacy and personal data protection. Failure to accept mandatory requests can be significant Fined up to 20 million euros or up to 4% of annual global turnover.

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