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Opera GX launches Mods to “tuck” the browser like never before

Despite the fact that Opera GX is still a slightly improved version of the Opera for PC that everyone knows, one focused on the segment playing games and unlike the current edition, which is only available for Windows, the company is getting down to business and function mod is another example of this.

Named by its creator as “browser for gamers“Opera GX was born four years ago to cover, or rather to open, a niche that no one asked for. And yet the company has not given up in its quest to give its own identity to what is, it must be repeated, an increasingly colorful variant of the normal and ordinary Opera.

It was in this last half of its life, moreover, that Opera GX began to gain importance, both internally and vice versa. A notable milestone in this trajectory was the launch of its mobile version and at the same time it received new features from the main edition, such as improved VPN support or new integration with ChatGPT.

All in all, features like Opera GX Village or this one that concerns us with mods are significant and very specific elements of what Opera Software intends for the web browser. The Mods feature, which the company calls “a new era of deep browser customization.” What exactly is this invention?

Opera GX Mods

From what they explain and show, Opera GX Mods are nothing more and nothing less than that, browser modifications that go beyond swapping one theme for another and that “completely change the way Opera GX looks, sounds, and feels.” essentially allow you to customize aspects such as theme, wallpapers, shadows, background music and even keyboard soundsdepending on mod.

These Opera GX mods are available for free installation from the GX Store, and those created by the community are added to those available by default; they can be used as global themes, mix them, create new ones… A full-fledged monster that, yes, has a point. And it’s not only for gamers, every user who is at least a gourmet will enjoy it. But…

But You know what happens when you put so much history in your browser REAL? That you will increase your consumption, not to mention how hard it must be to endure animated wallpapers on the new tab, little music, keyboard sounds… Come on, everything that is a priori attractive has a sense of potential repellency that may not compensate for someone who is not a fan of these little things or is over fifteen years old.

Be that as it may, if you want to try it, the first thing is to install Opera GX, the second thing is to visit the store, and the third thing is to experiment. At least you’re hanging out. And then back to Chrome(!).

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