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Trump pleads not guilty to 34 serious charges; and more | First pages of the world 04/05/2023

Here’s what stands out on the front pages of the international media this Wednesday, April 5, 2023:


New York Times

Trump faces 34 felony charges

Prosecutor cites payments to porn star, Playboy model and doorman

Washington Post

Trump pleads not guilty to 34 charges

The prosecutor’s office announced a corruption conspiracy, but the substitutions are much narrower


Country / Spain

Trump indicted on 34 counts

Justice indicts US president for the first time Prosecutors accuse him of falsifying accounting documents to bribe porn actress

The Guardian / UK

Trump pleads not guilty to 34 secret money charges

Judge warns former US president against fomenting civil unrest

Latin America

Clarin / Argentina

Kirchnerian maneuver to get out of the crisis due to the crime of the bus driver

Wave of uncertainty in Conurbano

Mercury / Chile

The Senate generally approves the Nain-Retamal Law, despite the MPs’ rejection of the PC and the Broad Front.

This midnight discussion continued in Congress

Peru Commerce

The rains in Piura affected more than 67,000 people and damaged 24,000 houses.

Emergency situation in the north of the country due to natural disasters

Source: Aristegui Noticias



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