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Intel co-founder Gordon Moore dies

Co-founder of a semiconductor and processor manufacturing company Intel,...


Donald Salinas is an experienced automobile journalist and writer for Div Bracket. He brings his readers the latest news and developments from the world of automobiles, offering a unique and knowledgeable perspective on the latest trends and innovations in the automotive industry.

Jeep has finally retired the Cherokee

The Americans have already suspended the assembly of the legendary Cherokee several times for various reasons. Now the model...

Crossovers Haval: the problems continue

The Haval brand in Russia is increasingly conquering the market and offering new models. In addition to the popular...

Became known on the date of the Russian presentation of the mysterious crossover Exeed

As it became known on the AvtoVzglyad portal, on March 27 Exeed's Russian office will hold a private show of...

Why life-trained drivers always carry a piece of plain linoleum in the trunk

In the conditions of an endless crisis, when there is simply nowhere to tighten their belts, experienced drivers are increasingly...

Instead of old underpants: why car services always buy special blue napkins

Looking at the repair area of ​​​​a car service, every time you see a roll of special blue napkins -...

Why does everyone in the tire shop have to check the tire nipples?

Soon the "rubber" season change will come and there will be long queues at the services. In this fever,...

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