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Donald Salinas is an experienced automobile journalist and writer for Div Bracket. He brings his readers the latest news and developments from the world of automobiles, offering a unique and knowledgeable perspective on the latest trends and innovations in the automotive industry.

Jump-jump: why cars in Russia can become very cheap by the end of the year

Economists specializing in commentary for the media never tire of frightening the public with gloomy forecasts for the development of...

“Promote” a customer: how much it costs to buy a new LADA Vesta today

Today sales of the long-awaited "Vesta" began at LADA official dealers. Cars are really available, but there are many...

Named Russian prices for sedan Chery Arrizo 8

Chery's Russian distributor spoke about the timing of the entry into the Russian market of the Chery Arrizo 8 sedan...

AVTOVAZ will equip the LADA Granta with ABS this summer

AVTOVAZ Chairman Maxim Sokolov spoke about the timing of the return of the anti-lock braking system to the budget model...

Lexus introduces a new generation SUV GX

The Lexus GX hasn't fundamentally changed in 13 years. But it is impossible to exploit proven technical solutions forever,...

When will Russian sales of the latest Exeed RX crossover start?

At the end of March, the Russian presentation of the Exeed RX crossover - also known as AtlantiX - took...

WHICH OLED IS BETTER? We throw SAMSUNG S90C and LG G2 TVs into battle

Today's video is a comparison of two OLEDs: Samsung S90C And LG OLED G2. Which TV will win this battle? S90 C...

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