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Donald Salinas is an experienced automobile journalist and writer for Div Bracket. He brings his readers the latest news and developments from the world of automobiles, offering a unique and knowledgeable perspective on the latest trends and innovations in the automotive industry.

WHICH OLED IS BETTER? We throw SAMSUNG S90C and LG G2 TVs into battle

Today's video is a comparison of two OLEDs: Samsung S90C And LG OLED G2. Which TV will win this battle? S90 C...

Why does sand remain on the bodywork after a car wash?

Recently, the so-called self-service car washes have gained great popularity in all regions of Russia. On them, for quite...

Parking wars: “people” against a person, or Who is Kalman

The apartment boom that swept the capital and other megacities of the country before the pandemic and the events of...

How to cheaply and effectively remove an unpleasant smell in the car

Live and learn. However, the successful acquisition of a skill often depends not so much on the ability of...

The Russians began to actively get rid of electric vehicles

Experts analyzed advertisements for the sale of used electric vehicles and found that their number has increased by almost 2.5...

How much have Chinese spare parts increased in price in Russia in the past six months?

There is hardly a driver in Russia who has not noticed a noticeable increase in the price of auto parts....

You show the way: foreigners may not be allowed to work in a taxi

The LDPR faction has drafted a bill that would ban drivers without Russian "rights" from working in the transport sector....

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