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John Wilkes is a seasoned journalist and author at Div Bracket. He specializes in covering trending news across a wide range of topics, from politics to entertainment and everything in between.

With this free app you can use your Android mobile phone as a portable speaker or microphone for your computer: this is how it...

Laptops have built-in speakers, and most computer monitors do as well. Of course, sound output quality is another story, so in...

No Android Auto, no problem: five alternatives to Android Auto for your mobile

Although Android Auto is one of the best infotainment systems today, it may not go with you or be in your car....

I freed up a lot of space on my Android TV quickly and easily with this free app

I have a cheap smart TV with Android TV, which has two meanings: I like what OS is best for a TV...

MediaMarkt doesn’t wait for Black Friday, and this best-in-class Samsung bumps its price to almost 300 euros for Red Friday.

MediaMarkt didn't want to wait for Black Friday and so June started with Red Friday. In the coming days, it will...

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