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John Wilkes is a seasoned journalist and author at Div Bracket. He specializes in covering trending news across a wide range of topics, from politics to entertainment and everything in between.

Arrived: Russian “Aeroflot” and Utair apps disappeared from the App Store

Russian Aeroflot has already warned users that removing apps will make it impossible to reinstall them. We can assume that very soon Apple...

A blow to the world of social networks: EU will force IT companies to expose the workings of algorithms

The specific settings of these algorithms were never known to the public. Some details of the company are explained in the recommendations and...

Xiaomi introduced an ultra-budget smart TV for 6,000 hryvnia

Xiaomi Smart TV 5A has a metal body and a thin bezel. It is available in three variants: 32 inches, 40 inches and...

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