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Lexus unveils its smallest car ever: the introduction of the LBX!


The luxury brand of Japan-based auto giant Toyota Lexusintroduced a brand new car today. The B-SUV, called “LBX”, was the company’s first model in this segment. Lexus, no longer indifferent to consumer passion for crossover, LBX expanded its range with a relatively affordable B-SUV model.

Lexus LBX is a car that adopts the brand’s design language. In this context; honeycomb large grill and the curved structure makes you understand that the vehicle is Lexus. even if it is very light reminiscent of Tesla LED headlights have given the vehicle a very cute style. Lexus LBX doesn’t look bad at all.

Meet the Lexus LBX

Looking at the rear of the vehicle; tailgate covering everywhere We see a light. The light design, which has a hard appearance, gives the LBX a sporty look. Placing the word Lexus in the center of the trunk lid, the designers combined it with chrome details on the lower part of the bumper. premium feel they managed to survive.

As we said at the beginning of our news, Lexus is a luxury brand. We feel the clearest indication of this in the cabin. In this context; in the vehicle 12.3 inches tall It has a fully digital display. A multimedia screen is placed in the center console at the bottom, which is smaller than this screen. Just below the screen multimedia There are also a few vehicle control buttons.

Lexus’ new car in the B-SUV segment, TO CHATTER It is built on a new platform called This platform houses a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine. This self-charging hybrid engine has 136 hp and 185 Nm of torque. your vehicle 0-100km/h The acceleration time was announced as 9.2 seconds. Since this vehicle is not speed oriented, we can say that the data provided is not bad.

According to the company’s statement, LBX will be launched in the last quarter of 2023. This car on the European market will also be for sale. In other words, we have the opportunity to view the vehicle in Turkey. However, when this will happen and on the other hand, what the price of the vehicle will be in Turkey is not known at the moment. We don’t want to break your hopes, but the company’s cheapest model in Turkey today is the NX Hybrid, and the starting price of this model is 2 million 890 thousand TL Let’s not just say that it is.

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