Home Auto Domestic electric bus Karsan e-ATAK became “Finland’s first self-driving bus”

Domestic electric bus Karsan e-ATAK became “Finland’s first self-driving bus”


Autonomous and electric vehicles have stood out as two prominent technologies in the automotive world in recent years. karsan autonomous vehicle e-ATAK brings both technologies to public transport systems. Special in Scandinavian countries The increasingly popular Karsan has managed to become Finland’s first autonomous electric bus.

The company’s statement on the subject stated that Karsan continues to innovate Europe’s transport infrastructure with its electric and autonomous vehicles.In this context, Karsan, one of the largest public transport authorities in the Nordic countries, has Norwegian VY group Last November, it signed an autonomous vehicle sales contract with the company. Within the scope of the agreement, Karsan has now supplied an 8-meter autonomous e-ATAK to the VY Group and the Finnish REMOTED company, for use in the city of Tampere.expression was used.

It will be put into operation in the city of Tampere

Karsan CEO Okan Baş While he said the vehicle will be Finland’s first full-size self-driving bus that carries passengers and will be used under real road conditions. “Karsan continues to achieve firsts in every market with its planned sales strategies. With this new project, it is also delivering the city of Tampere We are taking a step forward. “With our autonomous and electric vehicles, we will remain the leading solution partner for public transport issues in the Nordic markets.” said.

Collaborating with Karsan CEO of ADASTEC, Dr. Ali Peker by making a statement “We would like to thank REMOTED for allowing us to realize our project and have confidence in our vision, within the framework of our solid collaboration with Karsan and Applied Autonomy. Safety and efficiency “Our technology, which is industry-leading under all conditions, not only demonstrates the strength of our existing partnerships, but also embodies our shared vision for the transportation solutions of the future.” said.

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