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What are the features that make Tesla vehicles so safe? Here are the precautions that will make you say, “They even thought of this”


Tesla in the automotive industry innovative technologies Although it is known for its safety, it also attracts attention for its superiority over its competitors in terms of safety. The company carefully designs every detail, from the vehicles’ design to the software, and makes updates to maximize driver and passenger safety.

Come on, what makes Tesla so safe? details Let’s investigate.

Tesla’s autopilot system is at the center of safety-related issues.

Although some arguments suggest that this technology may pose risks, research into Tesla vehicles shows positive data offers. For example, a 2017 study by the US National Safety Council found that Tesla vehicles have autopilot 0.8 percent per million kilometers in vehicles without autopilot, while claiming to have been in an accident 1.3 percent He claims it was an accident. This means that the autopilot reduces the number of accidents by 40%.

The vehicle protects the injured in accidents by creating a crash zone.

Tesla Model 3 is particularly large frontal impact zone It is designed with. This design effectively absorbs most of the energy that the vehicle may encounter during a collision and aims to protect passenger safety at the maximum level. This innovative feature stands out as a key safety benefit that sets Tesla Model 3 apart from vehicles in the same segment.

Tesla vehicles also offer added safety in side impacts.

Teslas rigid battery The said battery pack is located on the underside of the vehicle and helps strengthen the structure of the vehicle in the event of a crash. This prevents colliding objects from penetrating deep into the vehicle cabin, providing an extra layer of protection for passengers.

Moreover, this extra protection is provided by Tesla’s sturdy battery pack side airbags It also has a positive impact on performance.

There is also an additional safety construction against the risk of the vehicle turning sideways.

The low center weight of Tesla vehicles significantly reduces the risk of sideways rollover accidents. decreases. Additionally, the vehicle’s overall design and structural rigidity are comparable to a Tesla. turn sideways The goal is to minimize the chance of injury to the vehicle’s occupants, even in the event of an accident.

Tesla also has a special security upgrade system.

Tesla ensures the safety of its passengers with software update It stands out as the only automaker that can grow. Software adjustments made with this technology can provide additional security support. In this way, Tesla strengthens its power in this area by having a unique advantage over traditional car manufacturers.

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