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Robot taxis occupy a street in the US


Autonomous vehicles are now slowly becoming a part of our lives. Now completely autonomous We think of vehicles as taxis that travel back and forth between limited points. Since the development of these vehicles is not only a technical problem, but also a social transformation problem, interesting events can sometimes take place.

In the interesting incident that took place in San Francsico, 7 Waymo robot taxis He blocked the road at the highway entrance. The reason for this interesting incident, which lasted about half an hour, was that the company did not want to endanger traffic. For waycurrently does not want to allow its taxis on the highway.

It is not the first traffic jam for Waymo

Recently, authorities in San Francisco filed a lawsuit against Waymo vehicles. permission to drive onto the highway He had given it. On the other hand, the company decided not to rush into such a move. That’s why Waymo vehicles remained motionless as they entered a road separated by traffic cones. Because the only exit from the road was to the highway.

In Waymo’s statement the situation was like this takes no more than half an hour and it was stated that this problem was solved by sending “human drivers” immediately. It was seen that some drivers stuck behind Waymo vehicles were able to overcome both the autonomous vehicles and traffic jams on the road by lifting the cones themselves.

In San Francisco, home to many technology giants Reactions to autonomous vehicles It is also available. The city council and emergency services in particular complain about robot taxis that cannot get out of the way.

Source: Web Tekno



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