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What is the function of this small button under the accelerator pedal on cars with automatic transmission?


As we mentioned, on most cars with automatic transmissions there is a button under the accelerator pedal. This button, some with semi-automatic gearbox It can also be found in cars.

We’re sure some people don’t even know their car has such a button, but… driving comfort and safety is of great importance for the

So what is this button?

This button, called “Kickdown”, is used in cars with automatic transmission. sudden need for acceleration It is used when. It is located at the bottom of the accelerator pedal and activates when pressed all the way. When active, the car accelerates by running the engine at higher speeds.

At this point, let us remind you that the kickdown button may not be available on all automatic transmission models.

This is especially useful when you need to overtake quickly or take off quickly.

Because it makes the vehicle react faster and reach high speed in a short time. To explain further, it allows the vehicle’s transmission to temporarily shift to a lower gear, allowing the engine to deliver maximum power. The motor temporarily runs at a higher speed more power and torque produces.

Yes, it’s a useful feature, but it also has a downside…

What’s the first thing you think of when we talk about an engine that produces more power? Fuel of course. When the kickdown button is activated, the throttle is fully opened, allowing the injectors to remain open longer and more fuel to be injected. This is your vehicle increased fuel consumption why is this happening.

Before we end our content, we would like to remind you that speed control is very important for safe driving.

Most accidents in our country happen because the speed limit is not adhered to. For the safety of both ourselves and other people from the moment we enter traffic. It’s better not to let your guard down 🙂

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