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Round 6: Netflix announces a reality show inspired by the series with $4.56 million in prize money.


OUR Netflix announced today (14) a new reality show inspired by 6 roundhugely successful platform series, the competition will gather 456 people from all over the world looking for $4.56 million prize. The production will be called Squid Game Challenge and will star in Great Britainthere will be 10 episodes full of controversy to determine who will take home the huge prize that is at stake.

06/11/2022 at 13:00

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Registration is already open on the official website of the competition and makes it clear that despite the high prize fund that will be in dispute, the worst fate of the participants will be to return home empty-handed, making it clear that despite the use of found games in the series, the eliminated contestants will not have the same ending as shown in the series.

In addition to using the games already featured in the first season 6 roundthe competition will feature new challenges designed for the reality show.

Watch the reality show announcement trailer below.

“With the largest lineup in reality TV history, 456 real players will enter the game in search of a $4.56 million prize pool.

Do you have what it takes to win the Squid game?

For this round, Front Man is looking for native English speakers from anywhere in the world.

Continuation after commercial

The stakes are high, but in this game, the worst fate is to come home empty-handed.”

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OUR Netflix has already announced 6 round on Sunday (12), confirming the production of the series’ second season. announcement of Squid Game Challenge shows that the company is investing heavily in the platform’s highest-rated franchise.

If you are not familiar with the series, 6 roundwe follow history Song Ki Hoon, a South Korean who finds himself at the epicenter of gambling addiction and numerous accumulated debts when the opportunity arises to participate in a game that will bring him big money. From there we follow the whole saga of Gi-Hoon who will have to go through unexpected trials in order to achieve his goal of paying off his debts.

First season 6 round was a hit with viewers around the world, only 17 days on the air. Netflix, the production reached the mark of 111 million views, becoming the most viewed series on the service of all time. The debut of the South Korean series also saw the company reach over 4 million subscribers, reaching even more users of the service around the world.

What are your expectations for a reality show inspired by 6 round? Do you want to take part in the competition? Share your opinion in the comments!

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Round 6: Netflix confirms the development of the second season of the series
There is no release date for the new episodes yet.


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