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Google has a BTS Easter egg in search and more gifts for the group’s fans


This SaturdayJuly 9South Korean group fan group btsknown as “ARMY(loosely translated, the title would be “Army“), finish before 9 (nine) years existence. To commemorate this event, Google prepared some Easter eggs for enthusiasts from last Friday (8) – and with the help of k-pop.

To access the first tribute, simply search for “bts” on the famous search engineas in version Desktop How many? mobileand it will be possible to observe a small purple heart in the right corner of the information panel. Clicking on the image across the screen will bring up another animation with multiple balloons. Clicking on animated elements small microphone inside, keep exclusive messages, recorded by the artists themselves.


(loans: Connected World)

bts x street galleries

Another parallel tribute with a personal approach focused on the band’s trajectory was made possible by an experiment known as BTS x Street galleries. Using the navigation mechanism street viewimportant places and buildings during the group’s trajectory were presented, all with special comments members, among other bonuses for the fans.

(loans: Connected World)

Continuation after commercial


An even closer approach is offered in the call YouTube. The group offered their fans on the initiative #mybtstory, that those who wish can share videos through the platform, talking a little about their favorite moments with the musicians and their productions.

July 13Wednesday, official channel btsvideo specially designed for ARMY will be published with all fan-generated reports. This is an example of a material within the requested parameters:

The campaign is going well, with great participation from outside people living in different countries. What is your opinion on this topic? Share your point of view on this issue and follow our social networks!


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