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Toyota Corolla 2022 Highlights and Price List: Why So Many Are Being Sold?

Giant car companies now compete with each other in every new position. Of course, car users are most satisfied with this sweet competition. Japanese car giant Toyota corolla It has produced the model in a total of 11 different looks since 1966. In addition, it is the best-selling car in the world with more than 32 million production units. Toyota Corolla 2022 It seems to have equipped itself with new technological features.

One of the best-selling cars in the world Toyota Corolla 2022 Specifications and comfort, which is often preferred at the moment. With different engine options, equipment packages and dozens of comfort and safety-based features, Toyota Corolla will become the favorite of our users looking for a sedan. If you want, without more Toyota Corolla 2022 features and price list Let’s move on.

Toyota Corolla 2022 price list:

Corolla 1.5 vision Empty Petrol automatically 539,450 TL
Corolla 1.5 Vision Multidrive S Empty Petrol automatically 563.450 TL
Corolla 1.5 dream middle Petrol automatically 596,350 TL
Corolla 1.5 Dream Multidrive S middle Petrol automatically 620,100 TL
Corolla 1.5 Flame Multidrive S Full Petrol automatically 659,450 TL
Corolla 1.5 Flame X-Pack Multidrive S Full Petrol automatically 696,100 TL
Corolla 1.5 Passion X-Pack Multidrive Full Petrol automatically 753.100 TL
Corolla 1.8 Dream e-CVT Empty Petrol & Hybrid automatically 720,200 TL
Corolla 1.8 Flame e-CVT Empty Petrol & Hybrid automatically 734,150 TL
Corolla 1.8 Flame X-Pack e-CVT middle Petrol & Hybrid automatically 758,600 TL
Corolla 1.8 Passion X-Pack e-CVT Full Petrol & Hybrid automatically 815,600 TL

price list above August 2022 Based on the most recent data published from Toyota Corolla 2022 equipment list There are a total of 11 equipment packages, including hybrid and petrol engine. Corolla stands out from its competitors in its class with its wide package options.

Corolla 2022 engine options and fuel economy:

Engine Option: local upstate Average Carbon Emission
1.5 liter Petrol 123 HP 7.5 litres 4.6 lt. 5.6 litres 128 g/km
1.8 liter Hybrid 122 HP 3.6 lt. 3.9 lt. 3.8 lt. 87 g/km

The fuel consumption data above is the factory data provided by Toyota. According to your usage habits and driving conditions Fuel consumption Corolla 2022 it can be less or more.

Toyota Corolla 2022 review:

Exterior design
Interior design
Comfort and equipment features:
Head Up Display
USB inputs
Smart input and control
wireless charging unit
8 inch multimedia screen
Toyota Corolla engine options
adaptive cruise control
Intelligent lane tracking system
pedestrian detection system


Exterior design: smaller lamps and special chrome details

toyota corolla 2022 design

We said Toyota Corolla has been produced with 11 different designs to date. Let’s take a look at the most technological, most detailed design of these 11 designs. New Corolla 2022 ModelFrom the outside it looks like a very technological car. When we take the car straight in front of us, our first attention falls on the horizontally positioned and small dimensions. headlight arrays welcomes. These headlight arrays, thanks to daytime running lights corollaIt ensures that it is not left without light. These headlights, which appear smaller than the previous Toyota Corolla design, are positioned in line with the louvers under the hood. These chrome strips, which start at the headlights, end in the Toyota logo, which is placed in the middle in a really cool way. As we go down, we are greeted by fog lamps with very small slots around the wide grille on the front bumper, like in the headlights.

If we follow the lines of the car 18 inch large aluminum two-tone wheels welcome us. We can say that these rims, which are offered in the Passion and X-Pack equipment packages, add a completely different atmosphere to the car. If your Corolla has a Hybrid engine, you will see a Hybrid lettering at the top of your fender.

Toyota Corolla 2022 rear design

Let’s take a look at the rear design of the new Toyota Corolla. Like the front, the design of the back makes us legendary. led design meet with. We like the LED headlight arrays for the new generation of cars and the new Toyota Corolla 2022 design offers us these LED strips. If your Toyota Corolla model has a hybrid engine, it will be located in the right corner of your trunk, as well as on the front fender. hybrid you can see the text.

Interior design: much more spacious thanks to mood lighting

Toyota Corolla 2022 interior design

With a huge ghost screen, an easy-to-reach multimedia screen at hand and plenty more details, the Toyota Corolla is quite spacious interior owner. Toyota has designed the steering wheel design that is very similar to the previous model. But of course we can not do without saying that it is more technologically innovative than the previous model. Thanks to the mood lighting in the car, rides that make you feel premium are waiting for you.

Comfort and equipment features:

Head-Up Display:

Toyota Corolla 2022 Head Up Display

Positioned just in front of the windshield to avoid distractions while driving, focused on the road, right at the driver’s eye level. head-up display Thanks to the feature, you can learn your speed and other important information without being distracted. While this feature provides you with great comfort, it also ensures your safety by not distracting your attention.

USB inputs

Toyota Corolla 2022 USB ports

Because the phones, tablets and computers we use are faster and more technological, Type-C they go to the entrance. In fact, you don’t even need a cable to charge anymore, as wireless charging technology is spreading quite quickly these days. To keep up with today’s technology, Toyota Corolla also has a USB port and a USB Type-C port to connect your phone and flash memory.

Smart input and control

Toyota Corolla 2022 front design

The use of keys is now minimized in new generation cars. if 2022 model Toyota Corolla If you are the owner, your doors open automatically when you approach your car and when you get in the car you can start the engine of your car without the need for a key.

wireless charging unit

toyota corolla 2022 technological interior design

While there is Type-C technology, there is only one in cars. of the wireless charger It is one of the great comfort features. Since today’s phones have a wireless charging function, we can say that it is very nice to have such fast and comfort-based functions in the Toyota Corolla.

8 inch multimedia screen

Toyota Corolla interior

One of the must-haves in cars is multimedia screens. Having a multimedia screen where you can listen to music, use the navigation and make some configurations about the vehicle makes your job much easier. Toyota Corolla 2022 is 8 inches tall and Apple CarPlay, Android Auto It has a multimedia display that supports systems such as:

Toyota Corolla engine options:

Toyota Corolla 2022 engine options

The new model Toyota Corolla 2022, us two different engine options is offered with. One is the 1.5-litre petrol option and the other is the 1.8-litre engine option with hybrid and petrol technology. Toyota Corolla 2022 is a car without a diesel engine.


Adaptive cruise control:

Toyota Corolla 2022 exterior

Toyota Corolla not only offers cruise control, but also cares about your safety. adaptive cruise control Thanks to its function, your car, which automatically maintains your following distance with the car in front of you, can automatically accelerate and decelerate when the required distance is reached. This makes for a ride where you hardly ever touch the accelerator pedal.

Intelligent lane tracking system:

Toyota Corolla 2022 lane system

In the event of a dangerous lane change, the Toyota Corolla warns you visually and audibly. Thanks to the sensors around it, the car notices that you are making a dangerous movement, apply torque to the steering wheel trying to get you back in your lane. However, a possible accident is automatically prevented.

Pedestrian Detection System:

Corolla Pedestrian Detection System

Your car, which automatically detects the objects that jump in front of you while driving in the city, sudden braking and prevents a possible accident. This way, even if you don’t notice, you won’t hit any pedestrian jumping in front of you and you won’t endanger traffic and people. It can also detect objects such as bicycles instead of just pedestrians.

Why is Toyota Corolla so preferred in our country?

Toyota Corolla 2022 Specificationsremains one of the most preferred cars with its price list and engine options. In addition, the favorable fuel consumption, the cheap parts repair costs and the equipment expected of a family car make the Toyota Corolla indispensable. With the new hybrid engine option compared to previous generations Toyota Corolla 2022offers the opportunity to have a quieter and quieter car in the city.

We have examined Toyota’s new Corolla model with all the details for you. The car is well equipped and has affordable prices to almost get into the price-performance category. It seems to have become a car that you can drive for years, with features that will delight the user, such as a large multimedia screen, wireless charging stand and USB ports. you are new Toyota CorollaDo you use ? If you use it, don’t forget to share your experience with us!

You will find the Toyota CHR 2022 features and price list in this content:

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