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More than 1 million Tesla recalls: problem that injured driver and passengers

Tesla, which has come to the fore with the problems experienced with its vehicles from time to time, and even faced the strikes of its customers in recent days, came to us today with a serious problem. Tesla has recalled more than a million vehicles due to a problem with its automatic windows (!).

According to the announcement from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the problem with the windows of the vehicles was quite serious. A system that automatically closes the windows may not work properly when you encounter an obstacle. marked. The number of vehicles affected by the issue 1 million 96 thousand 762 was declared.

Users’ limbs can get stuck in glass:


The ‘obstacle’ could be the limbs of the driver or passengers. In this case, the windows that close automatically do not detect the limbs in their path. they can become trapped and cause injury. Tesla also announced the solution it had found for the problem in question.

According to the details shared by the administration, the company is offering all its customers via OTA (over-the-air programming) to prevent this serious problem from affecting its vehicles. software update will install. The question in question on all Tesla models (Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y) was shared.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has published an article about the problem with Tesla vehicles. NHTSA calls these outages “recalls” in its announcements, even if the vehicles are not physically recalled. However, the issue will be resolved with a remote software update rather than a physical vehicle recall.

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