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Car accessories you should never use because they endanger you and your car

The reasons for manufacturing car accessories cover a wide range from adding radiance to your car to protecting certain parts of the car. Of course, as in any field, there is a lot poor quality products are also available.

In this market, where you can find thousands of good and bad products, some products can harm both you and your car. endanger kind of products. During the production of these products, important points were skipped or even ignored, and it was the duty of the consumer to notice these points. Here are four common car accessories that might be inconvenient to use…

Seat covers protect your seat but kill you.

Airbag Compatible Seat Cover

The main purpose of seat covers is to protect your seats from sun, sweat, dirt and similar factors. In addition, their design and color combinations allow them to present a more beautiful image than manufacture when needed. Most car owners who drive modern cars There is one point he missed.

Seat airbags protect you from side impacts by ejecting from the edges of the seat in the event of an accident. However, seat covers that do not work with your car’s airbagsprevents the airbag from deflating and fulfilling its function.. There is a good chance that you will suffer serious damage as a result of this situation. I recommend that you do not unknowingly dress the seats of your car and choose the right products from the right brands to match your seat airbag options in your car.

The stones are natural, the hospital costs are heavy.

Shiny stone steering wheel

Covering the airbags with a cover is not such a smart idea. But what about closing with shiny stones? Here’s another product that most people have recently purchased in their car without worrying about airbags.

to these products short shiny stone set we can say. These sets usually consist of small pieces that are not very light. The most favorite points where these sets are used are the handlebars and the top of the glove box. The stones at these points are averaged by the airbag that opens in the event of an accident. 300 km/h accelerates and moves towards the driver’s face. As if the impact, the risk of jamming and the cutting of broken glass pieces in an accident weren’t enough, you also need to withstand the stones that will pierce your body.

Natural stones or shiny jewelry can create a beautiful look in your home, but in your car. absolutely out of place its products. Even if they are not on the airbag, hundreds of small stones flying around in an accident could seriously injure you. If you use these types of products in your car, I highly recommend that you remove them from your car first.

My brakes won’t hold, but it looks good bro!

sports brake car

There is one thing sports car owners should be well aware of, and that is fast cars quick stop requirements. Sports cars might as well stop with their reinforced, large-scale brakes, of course. Of course, these large and colorful brakes also enhance the look of the car. These high-quality braking systems are much more durable and heat resistant than those in normal cars.

So what can you do when you say “I want this image in my car”? You can increase your brakes with parts from approved and quality brands or you can buy plastic brake caps for a cost of 50 TL.

Plastic covers that seem like a logical choice for someone who is only looking for visuals, endanger both your car and yourself. its products. Plastic covers, as the name suggests, consists of a plastic cover that you place on top of your braking system.

caliper covers

From the moment you install this cover, brake dust, grime and similar debris will stick around instead of coming out of the system. This is a time This creates sediment and this residue eventually causes problems. But there is a greater risk than sediment, which cannot get out of the system. heat problem. As your car slows down using the brake, the friction between the brake and the lining creates heat.

This heat is dissipated from the system when your car is moving and the brakes come into contact with the outside world. Basically, your drive gets cold. However, the cover you place on your braking system retains this heat and reduces the life of your brakes. Aside from taking you helplessly to the next hazard with dysfunctional brakes because your brakes don’t release heat after sudden braking, it can also cause the overheated brakes to melt and stick the plastic cover, causing you to return major mechanical problems. cost. Be yourself, don’t risk your health and your car looking for a better image.

Don’t be bothered for life just because the noise bothers you.

belt buckle

Seat belt warning tone found in most modern cars, although not for those not wearing a seat belt. although it is annoying, this warning sound is a sound file placed in cars for the safety of you and those around you. The purpose of this sound is to remind or even force the driver and passengers who are not wearing a seat belt to buckle up. To stop this warning sound, all you need to do is fasten your belt.

Of course, people who don’t want to wear a belt use this sound instead of a belt. belt buckle They have started to silence them. Wearing a belt buckle instead of wearing a belt to muffle this noise can save you a temporary inconvenience, but in the event of an accident, it can cause you a lifetime of discomfort. From the use of these products, the prices of which are around 50 Turkish lira. absolutely avoid. In addition, the belt buckle, which is fastened when no one is in the passenger seat, ensures that your car inflates an airbag unnecessarily in the event of an accident.

In our country, where our cars are more valuable than they normally should be, we sometimes protect our cars more than our lives. With your personalized cars by making the right decisions, not risking yourself for seat stains and your car for visuals. I wish you a lot of driving pleasure!

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