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Tesla revealed how much money it made and how much profit it made: it “stopped” on the stock market, but it actually broke a sales record!


Tesla, one of the leading representatives of the electric car industry, About the last quarter of 2022 published its financial report. Published report, in Tesla your smiling faces a clear indication. Because there is no problem with the company’s revenue or profitability. Even record after record has been broken.

According to Tesla’s statements led by billionaire businessman Elon Musk, the company’s earnings are over the past three months $24.3 billion was recorded as. That was 34 percent more than in the same period last year. Tesla’s net profit in the last quarter is 59 percent increase and it was $2.8 billion.

Tesla made a total of $81.5 billion in 2022!

With the latest statements, Tesla announced that the total money earned in 2022 $81.5 billion told. $14.1 billion of this remained in the vault as net profit. Announcing that it delivered 1 million 313 thousand 851 cars in the past year, Tesla said the number of deliveries was 40 percent and the number of production increased by 47 percent. announced.

Exceeded expectations!

Analysts’ Tesla expectation was $24.2 billion in revenue. The statement made is exceeded expectation it revealed. In a statement from Tesla, highest in the company’s history. It was stated that 3 months of income and net profit were made. In addition, the company will face all kinds of difficulties that may arise in 2023. He said he was done

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