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Why you should not rush to sell the car during partial mobilization?

Partial mobilization naturally worried everyone. And among other rash acts, citizens started selling their cars, especially as demand for...

The Coolest and Most Ridiculous MAZ Cars You Better Not Know

Don't be surprised, but the Minsk Automobile Plant has managed to release a whole bunch of crazy projects in its...

Tesla: Shanghai production to remain below full capacity

According to sources who provided information to the international media, Teslaone of the successful companies in Elon Muskplans to keep production at the plant...

An autopsy will show why the car’s interior constantly smells of dust

Every car gets old, but before it turns into an Opel, it becomes a dust bag. Replacing vacuum cleaners...

How much does a partially mobilized soldier actually pay for a car loan?

Partially mobilized civilians for military service, as it turned out "unexpectedly", can have a lot of previously drawn loans. ...

State preferential loan programs to be cut in 2023

Since revenues from the recycling fee have fallen significantly, the government intends to reduce support to the car industry. ...

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