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The algorithm never existed, everything went up in smoke: Arbistar to be considered one of the biggest crypto scammers in Spain 1 comment

The algorithm never existed, everything went up in smoke: Arbistar to be considered one of the biggest crypto scammers in Spain 1 comment

Arbistar finished before the National Court. This cryptocurrency investment platform is no less, as more than 92 million euros were defrauded in just over a year, affecting over 32,000 people. We are facing one of the largest cryptocurrencies-related criminal conspiracies and scams in Spain. A platform whose promise is most striking: AI-powered software that delivers huge benefits.

Community Bot. This was the name of the AI-powered algorithm Arbistar relies on to entice investors. This bot can be accessed through the Arbistar website, which promises earnings between 8% and 15% per month, provided that the funds cannot be withdrawn within two months.

“Winning was the only option” was written on the platform. Unfortunately for those affected, the winners were only those in charge of the web.

The algorithm never appeared. This is not because the bot is always right, but because it doesn’t directly exist. The so-called Arbistar was based on an algorithm with artificial intelligence. It’s an algorithm that Santiago FJ, technically responsible for Arbistar, demonstrates and explains in several videos on YouTube.

However, the National Court determined that “the algorithm in question never existed and therefore only smoke was sold.”

Carrying other people’s money to build trust. The operation of the parcel is as follows. Investors were asked to install a program on their computers, and through this program, the bot supposedly provided benefits. These returns were entered on Saturdays with the option to collect the money or continue investing.

However, it was all fiction. What was actually done was to use some of the money from other investors to hand over to the oldest, which built up enough confidence for them to continue participating.

The usual pyramid scam. Arbistar knew how to create a strong enough capture net. In the classic pyramid scheme, there were friendly schemes where compensation was received for attracting customers and various public events were held in hotels and conference rooms to promote themselves.

100% smoke. The strength of the judge’s statements, explaining that Arbistar is completely devoid of structure, is surprising. There was no show or anything real. It was all a planned money move. “The point was then that it no longer lacked economic rationality, but that it didn’t exist, it was just a simulation,” explains National Court judge José Luis Calama.

32,000 people were affected and about 20 of them put in more than 250,000 Euros. Justice has already identified about 5,000 people affected by all of them. Despite some estimates by the Civil Guard through the Central Operations Unit’s (UCO) Cybercrime Department and the Criminal Cyber ​​Intelligence Group of the Judicial Police Technical Unit, the minimum total defrauded is estimated at around 92m euros. Over 100 million Euros.

Of those affected, 55 would have invested over €50,000 and 17 would have invested over €250,000.

They face a fine of 123 million euros. Arbistar’s CEO, Santiago Fuentes Jover, along with six others, is facing a criminal enterprise and mass fraud charge, serving a possible prison sentence of 123m euros and up to 18 years in prison. So 92 million is the allegedly defrauded amount plus a third.

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