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Binance reveals the number of users and how many billions of dollars they trade every day

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binancepublished an important report on the year 2022. This report reveals what Binance has done in 2022 and what developments have taken place in the cryptocurrency world. for the year 2023 If you have an idea to invest in cryptocurrency, it may be helpful to review this report.

The year 2022 is quite a year for the cryptocurrency community. it’s been tough. Before TerraUSD and the LUNA crisis By the end of the year, it was one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The bankruptcy of FTXthe markets unable to lift his head led to The report prepared by Binance shows that various efforts will be made to leave it behind in the new year.

The highlights of Binance’s 2022 report were as follows:

Binance cryptocurrency exchange

  • Daily volume rose to $65 billion.
  • 300 billion spot transactions were made.
  • Binance NFT weekly users exceeded 600 thousand.
  • The number of users of the exchange rose to 128 million.
  • “We are focused on restoring confidence”
  • “We have obtained the necessary licenses, registrations and approvals in 14 regions”
  • “We increased the value of SAFU back to $1 billion”
  • “2022 was a year of thriving web3 events”
  • What will Binance do in 2023?

By the way, if you want to join Binance, you can use this link.

“We are focused on restoring confidence”


2022 is for everyone in the blockchain and crypto world, including us It sure was a tough year.. User experience despite major headwinds, products with real value, and most importantly for the entire industry. healthyWe remain committed to prioritizing progress on a sustainable path.The report stated that Binance is focused on restoring lost confidence in this sector.

“We have obtained the necessary licenses, registrations and approvals in 14 regions”

One of the issues Binance mentioned was the work done with official institutions. In this context, “We can confidently say that the hard work we put in last year has paid off. until the end of 2022 We have obtained the necessary licenses, registrations and approvals in 14 regions. Based on our experience, we have continued to help regulators and governments develop practical regulations for digital assets. We increased the number of employees on our security and compliance team by 500 percent by recruiting the most talented staff in the industry.Binance officials said they have carefully investigated more than 47,000 requests from law enforcement agencies, to prevent financial crimes they are working they expressed.

“We increased the value of SAFU back to $1 billion”

Binance 2022 Report

Binance was founded to protect its investors. SAFU There is a fund called The money in this fund has been increased again in 2022. Regarding this issue, Binance said: We are revaluing our User Secure Asset Fund (SAFU) to protect our 128 million users in emergencies. We raised $1 billion.

“2022 was a year of thriving web3 events”

Noting that many web3-focused events were held in 2022, Binance said: “Celebrating our fifth anniversary, more than 3,000 face-to-face and 1.5 million virtual viewers We celebrated in Paris. We also engaged with Binance users through hundreds of online and in-person community events. From a user-friendly, fast and secure crypto exchange to an expanding one to the web3 ecosystem Until then, we’ve continued to create more tools, products, and features.‘ he said.

What will Binance do in 2023?

Binance 2023 plans

Binance’s plans for 2023 were announced with the following words: restore confidence and we stand ready to assist and coordinate industry efforts to create a secure foundation to welcome an additional billion crypto users. While we’re growing at an astounding pace, where we started is providing a secure, easy-to-use digital asset experience. we have never forgotten it. While we still have a lot of work to do, we believe 2023 will be a great year of increased growth, adoption and innovation as long as we do the right thing for our users. Our basic approach remains the same: put users first, produce and lead the industry by example, not discourses. lead.

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