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Amazon is determined to make NFTs popular again (and has developed a plan to achieve it) 2 comments

Amazon is a leader in selling physical products, but it also wants to be a leader in digital products. Prepare for this build your own NFT platform, as described by Blockworks. The giant will offer collectible items that will be linked alongside physical items that are currently available for purchase.

This move marks a giant leap for the NFT industry and a new strategy for Amazon, which to date has only maintained a tangential relationship with the blockchain industry.

Expected date for this platform to land, as explained by three internal sources about May and originally in the United States.

To accompany this offer, all Amazon Prime users will receive a message that they have the possibility to obtain NFTs on physical purchases they make.

It is currently unknown what technology Amazon will use for its platform. Yes, there is evidence that Amazon is hiring. dozens of skilled Web3 employees. Amazon’s idea is to create a private blockchain network, as described by Blockworks. Predictably, some modifications of some existing protocols.

Amazon is not expected to try to get subscribers to open their own Wallet. He explains that it could be the kind of loyalty program that Starbucks already has with Polygon.

The NFT boom is over, but industries like the football world or television manufacturers continue to rely on these collectible virtual goods. The fact that Amazon is considering going into this war is an example of the way it can still exist.

Let’s consider luxury items like bags or trousers where you can buy the NFT as well as buy the physical product. A virtual file associated with this purchase It can be used to access certain promotions, use that item in virtual worlds, have an online copy with special features, or simply save and view it.

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