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Amazon accidentally “leaked” NFT subscriptions in a billing email

Nikhilesh De, one of the editors of cryptocurrency data and news platform CoinDesk, received an official email from Amazon last Friday. On this email, Amazon offers digital tokens and Existence of NFT gallery he accepted.

Oddly enough, that was not the intent of this email. Email from Nikhilesh De’s Amazon Prime Video subscription Sent after automatic renewal. Let’s see what’s in the email.

“Your digital token is now in your gallery”

from Amazon to Web3 subscriptions This email, which we took a look at, says exactly:

Good news! Your order has been completed and your digital token is now in your gallery. Please remember that you cannot list this token for sale until it is unlocked. If your token is not unlocked within 72 hours, please contact the customer service. To be able to put an NFT up for sale, you must first log in as a seller.”

Amazon has been rumored for weeks to launch its own NFT marketplace soon, but the company has yet to talk about those plans. He has not made any official statement to the public.. Therefore, it is believed that this is an unintentional or accidental occurrence.

Source: Web Tekno



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